Heal Your Broken Heart

Heal Your Broken Heart
By Michael Kane

A book about love, healing and letting go.

Some Reviews

“If only we all had this useful guide to help us heal. Michael Kane's suggestions will help you work through your loss and begin to create a stronger, happier life. Kane offers specific steps and guidelines to lead you through each level of healing. Provocative questions take you from figuring out just how badly you're still hurting, to daily actions that bring you to acceptance and moving on. Wisely, Kane ends the book with how to be a loving, healed and whole person.” - Whole Life Times

"Heal Your Broken Heart", by Michael Kane, is a must read book, for anyone dealing with the loss of a spouse, partner or friend. It deals caringly with the emotional pain caused by the sudden loss of a loved one. Michael skillfully propels the reader through the necessary steps to overcome the despair and lead you onto a road to living fully, once more. There are excellent self-recovery steps outlined. Questions that will encourage you to face your new situation with renewed confidence, as you are armed with all the tools to help you face the future alone.” - Readers' Favorite

An Expansive and Introspective Guide to Healing the Heart

Tied tightly to the subject of moving forward from past relationships, Michael Kane meticulously guides the reader through a process of discovering self love. Whether a relationship has ended recently or not, it seems a universal theme that one's heart has suffered pain at some point during its existence. Michael tightly packs 153 pages with insight and exercises, that when afforded the appropriate commitment and focus, can lead to some incredible discoveries. ~ Mike W.

useful and practical

Great steps to get back on your feet and move on. Easy to read and gets right to the point. ~ Keith Hoffman

been dumped? you really need to read this!

I love this book. Michael Kane's guide to how to recover your sanity after a bad breakup, or maybe even a series of bad breakups, is a life saver. and when you're finished with it, for sure you'll know someone else who will benefit from it.
it's laid out in a series of phases, each with exercises, questions and answers & also a really great idea i've never heard of before - putting together a literal healing center in your home - that gets you through that hair-tearing teeth-grinding revenge at all costs first stage of a breakup all the way through to nirvana - the chilled out moving on & happy with it stage. and the best part is, you're learning how not to make the same mistake again.
if you're heading for or already in a tough breakup mess, read this. really! it did me a lot of good - I can't recommend it enough. ~AKAB

5.0 out of 5 starsMANDATORY FOR MOVING ON

This book allowed me to take an autopsy of my broken relationship in a way that felt safe and helpful. I know it sounds weird and maybe impossible, but I went from having been betrayed by someone, becoming overweight and left with no money and jobless, to rediscovering what love can and should be, getting my dream job, dropping 30 unhealthy pounds, and most importantly forgiving my ex and finding love for myself. Michael Kane helps you go easy on yourself but makes you do the work of self-discovery through thoughtful exercises and practical advice. ~ Sean H.

I'm in a healthy relationship now and I have the skills to keep it that way thanks to "Heal".

I recommend this book for anyone whose life has been turned up side down by a lover, a job, or a death in the family as it acts as a step-by-step guide to answering the "Well, now what?" questions we all have, but don't know where to begin. You cannot read this book without getting to know yourself better, and what you'll find out by the time you're done is that you're pretty amazing. Sean H.