Michael Kane

As a Life Counselor I help people heal and move forward in their lives. It’s easy to get stuck—or at the very least slowed down—by old beliefs, outdated personal narratives, historical wounding, addictive behaviors, sadness or loneliness. Any one of these can seem insurmountable, but with help they can all be changed.

This happens when we clarify what is actually blocking your path or hurting you and apply custom designed guidance that speaks to the core of what is impeding your personal growth. The result is change that is balanced, sustainable and inspiring. It’s also healing.

But healing comes in different sizes. Sometimes it’s having someone truly understand what you’re going through, or help resuscitate your self-confidence, or identify why you’re actually so damn angry, or help you process your loss.

I also know people often need advice to guide them in their day-to-day lives, with their communications skills, or with either personal or work relationships. Getting the practical aspects of life working well diminishes confusion, worry and fear, and this is also part of my work.

Frequently, I like to pan out and look at the “big picture” to offer a fresh perspective on the standard interpretation of why a person’s life looks the way it does. This approach focuses on expansion and possibility rather than limitation, and strives to achieve the balancing of the mind and the heart.

Much of my work happens in individual or couple sessions, but I also give workshops, classes and guided meditations, which offer another dimension to the private session work.

Over the past twenty years I’ve helped people fix what seemed unfixable, change what seemed immutable, and connect more deeply than they had thought possible. It all begins with our first conversation.