Men and Women

Why do you think the way you do, act in ways you’d rather not, feel so different when you’re alone than with other people? Why is it hard to say what you mean, achieve what you want, or be who you truly are?

In my Individual Sessions we work to answer these and other important questions ranging from the most basic and pragmatic to the creative and when desired, spiritual.

By applying knowledge and tools that will resonate with you, you’ll gain a new level of clarity and understanding, making it possible for you to move forward in your life with renewed confidence and an evolving balance between your mind and heart.

I don’t subscribe to a particular methodology, but instead develop a customized approach based on your individual needs. Rather than try to fit you into a box, I work to broaden your view of yourself, move you toward self-awareness and self-love, and help you unravel and heal whatever is troubling you through a process you can relate to and understand.

I will guide you every step of the way, keep you focused and on track, and make sure we progress at a pace that is right for you and that produces measurable results. This is my commitment to you. You need only commit to yourself and the work.

Appointments are available in my Los Angeles office, by phone, or on Skype.

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