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I believe in holding our partner in the highest of esteem, being generous of heart and spirit, communicating clearly and accurately, not withholding, and in being gentle, compassionate, honest and understanding with one another. If we find ourselves further from these achievable ideals than we’d like, focused effort and a relinquishing of unhealthy assumptions are required. This is where we begin.

Couple Sessions look non-judgmentally at your relationship, identify your strengths, weaknesses and patterns, and then offer suggestions, guidance and tools to help bring your relationship into balance. Armed with a fresh and multi-facetted view of your relationship, old problems and resentments are more easily worked through, permitting your love to grow and prosper again.

The well-known adage that relationships take work is true, but if we’ve created something of a mess of our relationship the first thing we need to do is stop what we’ve been doing and then get help so we can learn how to get everything back on track.

People change over time and so do relationships. Relationships are plastic and mutable. If we’re not paying attention we wake up one day and find ourselves in a different relationship than we thought we were in. Working on the relationship means working individually and in partnership on whatever actions and behaviors have weakened the relationship. This can be a moving, powerful and often exhilarating experience for any couple willing to make their relationship better.

If you think your relationship could benefit with some outside advice, it’s worth getting that advice sooner than later. But if you’ve already waited past that point, it’s still worth seeking help because you might just be able to save your relationship.

Appointments are available in my Los Angeles office, by phone, or on Skype.

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