Men & Emotions


Men & Emotions


As men we feel things but we often don’t know exactly what it is we’re feeling. Most of us were told not to express emotionally after we reached a curtain age. If we expressed too much we might have been made fun of, shamed, teased or bullied. The older boys and men around us discouraged us from appearing weak and told us to “suck it up,” which more accurately meant to Shut It All Down.

And shut it down we did. The end result is that we feel, but can’t express; are angry because it’s an emotion we have permission to feel and most of what we feels gets channeled into that one angry version of ourselves.

We are not happy. We feel disconnected. And more than anything we want this all to change, but we don’t know how to affect that change. Why should we? We’ve had zero instruction in the art of emotional understanding and expression. So we need some non-judgmental help. We need some guidance, information and permission to begin this change.

It is possible to feel and express emotions with clarity and honesty. It will expand your definition of yourself as a man and you will feel so much better than you probably feel right now.

September, 2019