• Michael is a magician. He is an incredibly special, unique soul who gives you the space to unravel and build yourself back all over again. He told me that I could swim and thrash about and get tangled in the branches or I could keep dry in the canoe and paddle seamlessly with snacks and smooth oars. Either way, I would always reach the island but how much nicer in the dry canoe. I’ve experienced profound joy since my time with Michael and even in times of grief and struggle. He’s changed my life with his amazing perspicacity, brilliant spiritual insights and the kindest eyes on the planet. His love of Paris is just an added bonus.  Fielding Edlow – Writer/Performer, Los Angeles

  • Sitting with Michael for an hour is what feeling safe is supposed to feel like. There's no judgment, no blame, and no big words. Every ounce of peace I have now is because of our work. Sean Hetherington – TV Producer, Los Angeles

  • Michael compassionately untangles even the most difficult situation between my husband and me and helps us to understand and to actually hear each other - amazing! I know from experience that Michael has the patience of a Saint! I have heard him explain something over and over and over again when necessary; every time with the same calm and caring demeanor as when he said it the first time. He is always in the moment and right there with me no matter what. He creates clarity with his insightful guidance or with as little as a "Really?" at just the right time that makes me pause, rethink and see another possible solution. I go to Michael for the big stuff and the small. No judgment and lots of love sums him up. I've been through some very rough times with him and every time I've come out the other side stronger, with more clarity and always moving forward. He is the best! Daria Di Benedetto - Business Owner, Los Angeles

  • Every time I reach out to Michael for help in navigating through one of life’s challenges, he brings me out of my head and into my heart. His words invariably resonate with my deepest truth. He has taught me to trust myself and to keep my heart open to others. I have sought Michael’s guidance for almost 20 years, and he consistently brings clarity and peace to every situation. My gratitude to Michael is boundless. Y. Lerea – Los Angeles

  • After seeing Michael it's really like I can breathe again. He always gives me perspective, hope and loving kindness. I walk away a better, stronger, kinder person every time. John Farmanesh-Bocca – Artistic Director, Los Angeles
  • Michael Kane is interactive and perceptive; a fresh breath of insightful air—I’m so grateful to have found him. His guidance helped me heal and change my life. I feel like I advanced to a higher level of awareness through our work together. The couple’s work we did with Michael helped us transition into an adult/mature relationship and allowed me to lovingly understand my partner’s complexities, which was amazing. Daniel Hernandez – Visual Artist, London, England

  • My girlfriend and I saw Michael many times for couples counseling. He always provided a safe environment and unbiased perspective to help us understand each other better. He not only helps steer us through our short-term problems, but to learn and grow from them in the long term as well, helping us turn negatives into positives. We're both better people from having met him, and we are a stronger couple now. Our marriage is kicking ass, and yes, we still pop in for a tune-up with Michael every now and then. Eric and Sam, Los Angeles

  • The gift that is Michael is his own curiosity and desire to learn that translates into holistic sessions as he works with us. He takes each of us along on his voyages of discovery and we benefit from his always positive, fresh approach to helping us grow spiritually and emotionally. Mandy Vento – Business Owner, Los Angeles
  • If an angel in heaven decided it was bored up there and wanted to drop down to earth and have a go around - then it'd probably be this guy - Michael Kane. Sometimes just sitting in his office, or his loving presence is enough. Other times, his words are like searing hot pokers that get right to the root. Don't freak out - I ask for it - I ask for the honesty. Its what I want and although it may not be what you want, which is totally cool, Michael approaches every client differently and specific to their needs. That's amazing to me, and certainly makes me feel more taken care of.  And for me specifically - I am an artist and I have only come to fully claim and realize that in the last years and its due to the work I've down with Michael. He is a fantastic guide for any struggling artist! Countless clients of his have developed their crafts and developed their inner landscapes and have gone on to greater and greater successes. So if this is your struggle - then he is your man! Everything begins and ends in love, with Michael, it's the cycle of life. And he just wants the best for each and every person he encounters. He is the real deal. He's not going to tell you what you want to hear and its about time some one tell you the truth! Love, love, love - that's what he is. Sean Hemeon – Performer, Los Angeles

  • Whether I’m sitting with Michael in Men’s Group, a workshop or privately—I can always be certain that he will be totally present and mysteriously accurate with his insights, feedback and teaching. Michael’s approach to life counseling is gentle, unique and incredibly powerful. I’m grateful that our work together has and continues to transform my life. Nigel Sampson – Business Owner, Los Angeles

  • For me, sessions with Michael Kane are a gentle awakening into the realm of possibilities, of gradually learning to allow myself to slow down and look within and settle into a safe, open creative space. Rather than getting trapped in my usual “shoulds,” I’m able to experience the best, continually unfolding me I can be. Michael reacquaints me with that inner space where everything is less rigid and there is a suggestive guidance, allowing-ness, openness, discovery, and the relearned acceptance of myself as a good and loving person filled with inspired potential. Barbara Watts-Robinson—Musician, Los Angeles
  • A friend of mine recommended that I see Michael to help deal with everything I've been going through since the beginning of the year (longer, actually, but my struggles really started to affect the quality of my life around January). He had actually suggested giving Michael a call several times before over the last year or so, but for whatever reason I never did. Somehow I must have known that I just wasn't ready to heal, grow, and expand. But I am now. I've been seeing him weekly for five months and I have just one thing to say: this man is amazing.

    Okay, I actually have many things to say about him. :-) I'm no stranger to psychologists and self-help books and group therapy, etc., but I've never encountered anyone quite like him. My first question to him was something along the lines of: "I know a lot and I'm afraid I'll know more than you." Haha, it's not that I'm vain--it's that I've gone to several therapists who haven't told me anything I didn't already know (being such an avid self-help/spiritual book reader!). 

    Michael most definitely knows A LOT more than I do! And I don't just mean he's intelligent (which, of course, he is); he's intuitive and instinctual, not to mention deeply compassionate and big-hearted. He's always one step (or more like ten) ahead of me, listens to me and remembers everything I say. He reframes my struggles, emotions, fears, and baggage and puts them into context for me so that I can start to make sense of them. He most certainly does not operate on a "one size fits all" basis; he manages to see inside your head, heart, and soul and base his guidance on you specifically.

    I'm seeing him for a whole plethora of issues--emotional, financial, career (I'm a writer)--because I am finally and truly ready to deal with my sh**, let it go, and expand my life in every way possible. I can't tell you how much I look forward to seeing him each week, and for that hour in his office I feel hope and optimism and love. I trust him implicitly to guide and mentor me on this journey called life, and my only regret is that I didn't get my ass into his office 20 years ago! I'm not sure that this review does justice to how valuable he is and how grateful I am to have him in my life, but please know that whatever your difficulty, Michael has an honest-to-God gift to help you move through it and into the life you only dreamed possible. Selena T., Los Angeles

  • I've been working with Michael Kane for about a year a half and if you could look at my life you'd see that there's been an incredibly positive shift that's directly related to my working with Michael. It's been a tough year and half, but Michael has always been there for me. Because of him I've never felt more aware of who I am, more balanced, happier, emotionally/mentally/spiritually stronger, and I have a clearer connection with my heart and the people in my life. Michael has this amazing skill to calm you down and guide you through any of your problems by suggesting pragmatic and simple solutions with a loving touch. He always knows what the best/loving solution is for you and everyone else involved. 

    Trust was a huge problem for me and through our work together I'm learning how to trust. First I learned to trust Michael, which I think helps explain how loving, honest and compassionate he is, and now I'm learning to trust other people. I never thought this would be possible for me, but it's becoming a natural part of my life. If you're willing to change and need an expert guide/counselor, I wouldn't hesitate once to recommend Michael Kane. He's an honest thorough guide, a benevolent healer and an angel. Aaron H., Los Angeles

  • I cannot say enough great things about Michael. This true healer. This amazing guide. 

    Whatever your issues, whatever your brand of pain, his only purpose is to help you see yourself as clearly and as lovingly as possible so you can become the person you always have strived to be or maybe lost along the way. We all need help. Whether we are single or in a committed relationship, we need help learning how to understand ourselves, learning how to listen to others and to communicate our needs to those that we love. Michael offers that help. You have to be willing to do the work but he is there doing it with you...he is your guide.He will aide you in your quest for self awareness and self love. He will help you love yourself and love others. His healing comes from that one core truth that we lose along the is the answer. The rest is just the trouble we conjure from our pain. If you are in need of guidance and healing, he's your man. Eric M., Los Angeles

  • Most of the work Michael and I do together is about me coming to terms with being the full-time caregiver for my elderly handicapped mother, and learning to understand what part of her behavior is to be expected from any person of her age in her situation, and what is specifically her to me - ours has always been a tricky relationship! Without his help and guidance i doubt if i could have persevered through the last 4 years without there being an unnecessarily hurtful confrontation  of mammoth proportions between my mother and myself, and i am very grateful for the help and guidance Michael has given me to prevent that happening.

    Michael allows me the space to find my own answers when needed, and the reassurance of knowing that if i ask for specific help with practical problems, he is always there spot-on with practical answers. Did i mention that besides being highly professional and well informed, he is also funny and warm and very calming to be with? I recommend Michael highly - this is therapy/life guidance as good as it gets - genuine, compassionate, informed. Angela A., Los Angeles

  • I fully recommend Michael Kane to everyone!  I've been working with Michael  for a couple of years now and he is always a caring and profoundly positive help to me. He is naturally caring and effortlessly intuitive, clear and precise and I learn more about myself and my relationship to others with each and every session as well as how to identify, understand and release myself from my personal baggage. Thank you Michael! Antony B., Los Angeles