Your Adventure Land

Life is more fun when we have adventures. Adventures give us something to look forward to, they broaden our point of view and enrich our lives. For infants, adventures are part of everyday life. The sound of a bird, the fluttering of a leaf in the breeze, a new taste, a new person, the feel of a new fabric, scents!—the list is long.

These may seem like simple “adventures” to us now because once we move into adolescence and beyond we need more and bigger input to stimulate us—or so the theory goes.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for the exciting night out; the trip to the dessert, ocean, mountains, or foreign country; time at a retreat or hiking deep into the wilderness. Change in our routine is both healthy and fun. It shakes things up, refreshes us and reconnects us with ourselves.

Brain research has shown that even changing the route we take to work stimulates new areas of our brain by requiring us to pay attention to lesser known or unknown surroundings. Adventures of all sizes offer us the experience of the lesser known and often, the unknown. Our brain likes these changes and so does our heart.

Adventures really do come in all sizes—like so many things, we had this right when we were tykes. Big is fine, even incredible, but overlooking the smaller sized adventures available to us is to miss out on some of the best that life has to offer.

To become aware of these smaller, but no less important adventures, we’ll need to slow down and learn to absorb our environment more fully. To achieve this broader state of awareness, we only need challenge ourselves to become more sensitive to what is less immediately obvious around us. Noticing the reflection of light on the petal of a flower, a bird’s song, the undulation in a curtain’s fabric in the wind, the love within someone’s eyes—there is so much to become aware of. Countless adventures lie ahead!

Think of yourself as an infant for the next week or two and imagine that everything you see and hear is new to you. You’ll be surprised how your awareness automatically increases, because awareness is a practice as well as a state of consciousness.

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