Guided Meditations - 2019

Every First Saturday of the Month

I’m excited to offer a new monthly series of Guide Meditations at my Los Angeles office. These are an extension of my previous Solstice/Equinox Guided Meditations and include the same acoustic soundscapes that help each of us open more to the meditative experience.

Guided meditations offer a unique meditative experience by effortlessly guiding you into a deep meditative state. Whether you are new to meditation or you’ve been meditating for years, these guided meditations will help bring a deep level of personal insight and understanding to you. Added benefit: they’re wonderfully relaxing—a great antidote to stress and worry.

Our first meditation in 2019 will be on Saturday, February 2 from 4:00pm - 5:30pm. Then again every first Saturday of the month throughout the year. See the CALENDAR below to review upcoming dates.

This year we will focus on the following areas for our Guided Meditations:

  1. Elevating your personal vibration

  2. The seven primary chakras

  3. Expanding personal consciousness

  4. Delving into the unconscious

  5. Connectivity — including symbols and totems

Previous experience is not required, just an open mind.

You do not need to attend every Guided Meditation, but the more Guided Meditations you participate in the more you will draw from them.

Space is limited so if you’re interested let me know by using the ‘I’m In - Sign Me Up!’ or ‘I’d Like to Learn More’ buttons below.