Body/Energy Work


Body/Energy work is a dynamic process that focusses on removing blocks as it opens energetic flow and brings your body and energetic systems into balance. It works in-depth on the multiple layers of your chakras, energy bodies, body meridians and higher energetic pathways including genome patterning.

The process works to align your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels to bring a new degree of integrated self-alignment.

I developed the original version of this work in the 1990’s and added to it until 2008 when I decided to focus on other areas of my practice.

The Body/Energy Work process has continued to evolve over the past ten years—mainly in the background—but it feels like the right time to fold the updated version back into my practice.

I've chosen to bring this work back in response to the many new challenges we face in our world: political, environmental, humanitarian, social, informational and interpersonal. We are being asked to manage a tremendous amount and I think we could use a little more help.

The Body/Energy Work can be thought of as an esoteric experience, which is fine by me, but I think of it as soundly practical. More necessary than not. If you have the option, doesn’t it make sense to have all four levels of you—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual—function harmoniously together?

The more fully balanced we are on all levels the more good we can do for ourselves and the world.

Body/Energy Work is performed while you relax, fully clothed on a massage table. Sessions are completed in about an hour and will be available at the beginning of March 2019.

Based on the progressive nature of this work—each session building upon, augmenting and complimenting the next—it is best to think of this process being implemented over an initial six-month period., once or twice a month. More frequently scheduled session may be possible if you would like to make more rapid progress.

Per session fee is $225. Limited bookings available.

Ask about pre-paid bundles that help reduce the over all cost.