ESSENTIAL LIFE SKILLS – 6-week class series

Our next Essential Life Skills series will be announced soon. If you’d like to be one of the first to know the new dates just send me an email by clicking the ‘More Information’ button at that bottom of the page.

This One

Life skills are the tools and information that inform every area of our lives including how balanced we feel, how we make decisions, what we think and say, and which actions we take.

Many of us have gaps in our life skills and have done our best to cobble together something that works, more or less, but we could use some help. This is where Essential Life Skills comes in.

The six Essential Life Skill classes go directly to the core of what you need to strengthen your life’s foundation. They provide both insight and tools that will teach you how to remain focused on what truly matters to you and eliminate anything that moves you away from your center.

These classes are for anyone interested in improving their life and learning more about themselves. Classes will be held in a safe and supportive environment that encourages everyone to learn at their own pace.

The four classes will cover the following unique topics:

In Understanding and Shaping Your Thoughtscape we will look at how your thinking and mindset impact you. Understanding how your internal language can slow you down, hold you back or even derail you can help shift how your life feels and functions. Together, in this completely safe and supportive environment, we will investigate our thoughtscapes and learn techniques to redesign them.

In Finding and Maintaining Your Center we will explore how to establish and maintain a strong sense of center that will help minimize stress and bring a heightened sense of productivity and well being. Obtaining a consistent sense of center is one of the most vital life skills we can learn.

In Getting Sh*t Done with your sense of center helping you feel more balanced and energized, and your thoughtscape working for you not against you, it’s time to learn how to set strategic goals, develop a sustainable approach to discipline, eliminate procrastination, organize your time and prioritize your commitments.

In Clearing Your Path we’ll finish the series by looking at what else could be slowing you down or blocking you. So often we set out with the best intentions to achieve something or live a certain way, but we just can’t get it to happen. We’ll look at boundaries, what’s influencing you, and what or who may be draining or distracting you, and develop a workable strategy for change.

If you are interested in learning my Essential Life Skills please make a reservation by either calling or texting me at 323.939.5446 or send an email by hitting the blue button below.

Class size is limited.