Couple Sessions

I believe in holding our partner in the highest of esteem, being generous of heart and spirit, communicating clearly and accurately, not withholding, and in being gentle, compassionate, honest and understanding with one another. If we find ourselves further from these achievable ideals than we’d like, focused effort and a relinquishing of unhealthy assumptions are required. This is where we begin.

Couple Sessions look non-judgmentally at your relationship, identify your strengths, weaknesses and patterns, and then offer suggestions, guidance and tools to help bring your relationship into balance. Armed with a fresh and multi-facetted view of your relationship, old problems and resentments are more easily worked through, permitting your love to grow and prosper again.

I’ve been in a loving relationship for thirty-six years. What I’ve learned from both my life and professional experience throughout those years can help make a peaceful, rich and loving relationship a reality for you.

Sessions also available by phone, Skype or FaceTime