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Healing Center – Ph. 3 & 4

Here’s the next major stage of the Healing Center I’m constructing. One of the main additions is the second Heart Drawing. It’s certainly different from the first!

I’ve also added a number of new verses and heart quotes to the board. Notice the reminder about how to guard against falling into Future Think. Take a look.

Ph 3&4Remember that your Healing Center won’t look like mine because yours is a reflection of your personal healing, so it will look different from every other Healing Center.

How’s your Healing Center progressing?

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Healing Center – Ph. One and Two

You’re working to heal from a loss that has created a void in your life, even if the loss happened years ago. One way we help fill that void is through the construction of your personal Healing Center.

Every Healing Center is different, but each one fulfills the same objective by giving its owner a visual representation of his or her healing. And that visual portrayal reflects back love, understanding and clarity to each of us.

I thought you would enjoy seeing a version of a Healing Center as it develops from phase to phase. It might give you some ideas for your own Healing Center.

Pictured below is the 3′ x 4′ board I’ll be using—you can use something smaller or larger if you like. The board is actually stretched canvas, just like the ones painters use, with foam core mounted on the backside so the pushpins I’ll be using have something solid to go into. You don’t need to use anything this elaborate, but it’s one option. The book offers other suggestions, but if you need help with figuring out what to use for your Healing Center, please feel free to ask. I want you to have the best Healing Center possible!

I’ve hung the canvas on a wall at my office, so if you’re in Los Angeles you could drop by and see the real thing. Hanging your Healing Center is one possibility, but you could also lean it against a wall. Once I had someone make a tri-fold screen for their Healing Center. It was a sophisticated idea and made their Healing Center freestanding. Personally, I don’t think I would have been able to manage something quite that elaborate. We should each do what works best for us.

Here’s my blank canvas.

Blank Healing Center

Next is what the canvas looks like at the completion of Phases One and Two. Note the First Heart Drawing in the upper left corner—of course yours could go anywhere you like. The First Statement of Agreement, the First Statement of Release and some verse are in the center of the board.

Over on the right is an example of the Quick Draw exercise, and below it are a number of “heart quotes” — those italicized sayings that are peppered throughout the text. They were my response to the “Add any useful quotes from this phase to your Healing Center” suggestion that shows up in the Exercise Review sections.

Healing Center - Phases 1 & 2

The last picture is of the pins I’m using on the board. You don’t have to just use one type of pin, but I liked the look of these with their compact, white rounded heads, so I’ve made them the one unifying element on the board.


Soon we’ll see how my Healing Center looks at the end of Phase Four. Until then, keep reading, working on the exercises and constructing your Healing Center.

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Heart Journals


You’ve purchased Heal Your Broken Heart and read the introduction. The next thing to do is pick your Heart Journal. You’ll be pouring your heart out into your Heart Journal, so having one you feel both comfortable with and like is important. Continue reading

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My New Book

Welcome to the Heal Your Broken Heart blog! If you’ve begun to work through the book you know that much of what lies ahead is work you will do by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you need to remain isolated as you move through the ten phases of the book. In fact, having a place to go for added information is exactly what many of us need and this blog is that place.

I’ll answer any questions you may have, give added suggestions to help you move through the process, and even post pictures of your Healing Center if you want to send them to me. Feel free to join in the conversation—I’m here to help.

If you don’t have the book yet you can order it from Amazon or by clicking the appropriate button under the picture of the book in the left-hand column of the blog. I look forward to hearing about your progress as you heal your broken heart.

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