Love is the Answer

Love, Healing and Letting Go

Heal Your Broken Heart is a book about love, healing and letting go. Each of these is necessary to fully heal a heart that has been deeply wounded. Here’s how it all works.

The absence of love is what breaks our heart. We associate that love with a person of course, and although that person is now gone—which is not a small thing—it is really the loss of love that wounds us the most. Most of us feel we know quite a bit about love until we eventually realize we have much more to learn. When our heart is broken by a relationship ending there are usually lessons for us to learn from both the relationship and the breakup. Sometimes we learn them. Often we don’t.

I’ve heard many stories over the years from both men and women who have told me how they keep falling in love with the “same” person. Other people pride themselves on never doing this, when in reality they do it too, but overlook the striking similarities between their exes. This type of pattern, and others like them, need dismantling and much of the work in Heal Your Broken Heart helps you learn more about love so you can better recognize what people are offering you. If you’re confused about what love looks and acts like you’re destined to choose people who will fail at loving you.

Heal Your Broken Heart is also a book about healing. If you don’t fully heal from your heartache you will suffer needlessly from it throughout your lifetime, often without realizing it. You’re going to experience pain in your life, it’s unavoidable, but it doesn’t make sense to bring pain on yourself when you don’t have to. Instead of “getting over” someone—which is not healing—then falling in love again and unintentionally bringing your unhealed heart into your new relationship—why not take the time to heal from what you’ve been through? You owe it to yourself and your next beloved.

Healing takes time, more than most people think. One of the qualities I love about Heal Your Broken Heart is that it gives you permission to slow down and heal within a proven structure that guides you to a true place of healing.

Finally, Heal Your Broken Heart is about letting go, often the very thing we resist when someone has broken our heart. Whenever we hold on we create more pain for ourselves. When we begin to let go, we start to heal. Letting go takes time, even when we feel ready to do it. The book approaches this sensitive issue with a series of exercises focused on letting go, each one perfectly designed for the level of healing it is associated with. By the end of the process everything involved in the relationship that has ended, and the relationship itself, has been released. While there is much more in this book, that alone makes it worth working through.

Heal Your Broken Heart gives you a way to heal, no matter what broke your heart or when it was broken. You deserve that.

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