Heal Your Broken Heart

Q&A 4 Expanded!

I love when people personalize their experience with Heal Your Broken Heart by expanding the exercises that especially resonate with them. Often that expansion happens by spending more time thinking and writing about an exercise. Other times something quite surprising can happen.

Sean had the surprising version happen when he was working on Qamp1.1A 4, which many of you know is a wonderfully informative exercise in its standard format. Sean, who has not thought of himself as a visual artist, was moved to create a visual representation of the seven emotions he chose to work on. He was kind enough to send those pictures to me and I thought you would enjoy seeing them.

This doesn’t suggest that you need to do drawings of your Qamp1.1A 4 emotions, but it is good to know that you can expand anything in the book that you would like to in any way that suits you.

As a result of this experience I think Sean is rethinking his abilities as a visual artist. You may also discover as Sean has that self-discovery goes hand in hand with healing your broken heart.

Sean picked these seven Qamp1.1A 4 emotions to delve into: fear, unwanted, shame, rage, needy, abandoned and loneliness. To begin, his piece on fear is done on three separate sheets of paper followed by a photo of the complete piece.






And the full piece:



Next is his powerful piece on feeling unwanted.



Sean’s piece on shame:






Feeling needy:






And to end, loneliness:


Like the Heart Drawings you’re making, these pieces give us a glimpse into what these seven emotions feel like to another person. Often color, texture and shape have the ability to express what words fail to. I know you thank Sean as I do for sharing these extraordinary pieces with us.

What would you like to share from your work with Heal Your Broken Heart?

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