Heal Your Broken Heart

Quick Draw

Three of the drawing/painting/collaging exercises in the book are about the state of your heart at the moment you create those individual pictures, but this first visual exercise asks you to reach back into your past.

Creating a visual representation of all the broken hearts you’ve had, and naming the person associated with each of them, helps you see that your collective of broken hearts have a relationship to your current broken heart.

The adage, a picture speaks a thousand words, is definitely at work here. Seeing our broken hearts drawn on a piece of paper, no matter their number, can hit home in a way that words don’t. When it comes to healing we often need to awaken sleeping parts of us so we can begin to understand the full scope of our healing. It’s not just what we feel in the moment that is asking to be healed, but also what we have brought forward from historical experiences.

The hearts you draw in this exercise represent the amount of heart pain you have sustained and it is fair to assume some of the old pain still needs healing. Elements of that healing will happen naturally as you heal from your current broken heart, and the rest you can come back and heal later.

Having a broken heart strips us of our will, our energy, sometimes even our sense of purpose. We are working to reestablish all three for you and this first drawing makes an important contribution to that healing.

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The Story

Writing the story of your relationship, and especially the specifics of your breakup, is something most people resist doing. And that makes sense. We already go over enough of the facts in our head and may wonder what benefit will be gained from writing it all down.

You’ll have to trust me that there are ample benefits in doing this exercise, and you’ll see once you complete it that writing out your story begins a releasing process. So that’s good.

Also, there may be specific elements from the relationship that you’ve forgotten and they will often come into focus when you describe everything you can remember about your relationship.

Information from this exercise will resurface throughout the rest of the book so taking the time to write this story as fully as possible will aid in your healing. It probably won’t feel good to do this right now, but this is precisely the right time to take on this exercise.

It may take you several days to get everything down—take your time, there’s no need to rush.

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