Heal Your Broken Heart

Healing Center – Ph. 3 & 4

Here’s the next major stage of the Healing Center I’m constructing. One of the main additions is the second Heart Drawing. It’s certainly different from the first!

I’ve also added a number of new verses and heart quotes to the board. Notice the reminder about how to guard against falling into Future Think. Take a look.

Ph 3&4Remember that your Healing Center won’t look like mine because yours is a reflection of your personal healing, so it will look different from every other Healing Center.

How’s your Healing Center progressing?

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Phase One: Q&As 3 and 4

Not all Qamp1.1As are the same. Some take longer than others and are more challenging.    Qamp1.1A 3, and the exercise that results from it as described in  Qamp1.1A 4, are two of the longer, more challenging Qamp1.1As because they bring into focus what is actually going on with you emotionally. By identifying which of the 84 emotions on the list you relate to, you’re given the precise language you need to help you articulate exactly what you’re feeling.

Gaining this vocabulary allows you to see why you feel the way you do. With this important information you can address each of those emotions directly, instead of simply suffering from your current jumble of hurt.

Taking the emotions you checked in Qamp1.1A 3, or at least the ones that seem the most problematic for you, and following the exercise in Qamp1.1A 4 will not only help you begin to make more sense of what you’ve been feeling, it will also teach you how to start processing those specific emotions.

You’ll be able to apply this same technique as you continue to work through Heal Your Broken Heart and beyond.

Many people seem to be spending several weeks actively working through Qamp1.1A 4—which I think is great—but you may end up spending less time, and that’s totally fine, too. Discover what works best for you and take whatever time you need to heal.

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Statement of Acknowledgment

The Statement of Acknowledgment—a statement and an agreement rolled into one—comes early in Phase One. In many ways it foreshadows how the book works by addressing two important ideas simultaneously.

As you know, the statement reads, “My heart has been broken and I truly want to heal it.” By signing, you are accepting the truth of the statement and acknowledging your commitment to heal.

Copying and signing the Statement of Acknowledgment, then placing it in your Healing Center (I put mine in the very center of the Healing Center I’m constructing for this blog, but you can put yours wherever you like), is the formal beginning of healing your heart.

It’s a big deal to do this, so celebrate the fact that you have! Then, reread the Statement of Acknowledgment at the beginning of each new Phase to reaffirm your commitment to heal your broken heart.

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